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Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website

Hi, my name’s David. I’m a lighting designer and programmer based out of Cologne, Germany.

Feel free to browse and check everything out. Contact me for business inquires using the contact form on this page. Please provide information about what I can help you with. I’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as I can.

I look forward to working with you.


About my work as live light and production designer/engineer

My job as live light and production designer/engineer is to ensure the live visual reproduction of the artist’s album material.

In my career so far I have been credited as light and production designer for live shows, music videos and DVD recordings with several international artists specializing in the Rock/Heavy Metal genre. (such as FARMER BOYS or ORDEN OGAN).

As light and production designer/engineer I have undertaken and worked on numerous tours, major open air and indoor festival events.

About my work as live light and production designer/engineer


An eye for emotion is paramount to bring the feeling of music to life on stage. Picking the right combination of colors, movements, and timing to help tell the artist’s story gives me an immense sense of pride.



WIR SIND GOTT TOUR 2016 Operating lights for Mundtot

Beyond the Classics HEADLINER Tour 2016 Operating lights for Mob Rules

Calibre Infinite – NGC Zero (Music Video)

Calibre Infinite – There Are only Machines (Music Video)

SUPERNOVA TOUR 2017 supporting Tour for Hämatom Operating lights for Erdling

GUNMEN HEADLINER Tour 2017 Operating lights for Orden Ogan

SUPERNOVA HEADLINER Tour 2017 Operating lights for Erdling

2016-2018 ORDEN OGAN In my capacity with Orden Ogan in that time, I have done more than seventy five (75) shows with the band, from clubs to headlining tours to major festivals.

RISE OF CHAOS FESTIVALS 2018 Operating lights for Orden Ogan

FARMER BOYS – BORN AGAIN HEADLINER Tour 2019 Operating lights for Farmer Boys


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